YouTube Still Using its Monopoly to Profit from Crime and Shake Down Indie Labels

Music Technology Policy

MTP readers will not be surprised to know that YouTube brazenly continues its business model of profiting themselves from human misery and promoting crime.  Yes, they want to be just like television except for the standards and practices part.

We’ve found a host of unsavory videos being blasted into your homes by the biggest video distributor in the land.

There’s this skinhead racists:

johnny rebel youtube

Holocaust deniers:

David Irving

Jihadi money solicitation videos (not to mention the ISIS “Dawn of Glad Tidings” Android app):

and a host of how-to videos on injecting drugs:

and this one featuring the music of Morning Sun

and not to forget the how-to shoot up in the femoral vein;

Then there’s the sex tourism videos and softcore porn:

This one featuring actresses of indeterminate age:

cornyn girl kiss

This one featuring the music of Jack White with Asian “brides” ads by Google–we’ll come back to Jack White.

philippines sex tourism

And this doesn’t…

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