How Spooky Is It? YouTube Pushes Jihadi Recruitment Videos While The Internet Association Tells Us Washington is “Spooky” for the Internet

Every now and then I get these absurdly childlike emails from the Internet Association (which is yet another Google-dominated lobbying group in Washington).  Here’s the latest:

Internet Association

If what gets you up in the morning are patent trolls, you’re probably not going to relate to this next bit very well.  But here’s a thought about what “rules” might apply to YouTube since they don’t seem to have any standards and practices except “catch me if you can.”

Monetized jihad recruitment videos with 1.6 million views.  And how are they monetized?

jihad android

This playlist has a variety of jihadi recruiting videos on it, some of them with English subtitles, and all of which have substantial numbers of views.

Jihad 2

The Ridley Scott movie “Kingdom of Heaven” is a popular source of imagery (although only a mere 400,000 views):

Kingdom of Heaven 1

So the question is, who gets the money from YouTube’s advertising on these videos?  Aside from Google, of course.

Pretty spooky.