Sirius To Profit Even More from Pre72

Sirius is already increasing their “U.S. Music Royalty Fee” by 1.4% effective January 5, 2015

Sirius Fee Increase

And then you have to love this detailed explanation of the Sirius policy on music, including the music they don’t pay for–all the while stiffing pre-72 artists or even deigning to acknowledge their rights.

sirius music fee detail

Yes, at SiriusXM they “love the talented people that [sic] create the music we play.”  They’ll pay any price and bear any burden to “[expand] our programming to deliver even more A-list talent….” except paying royalties on any recording released before February 15, 1972.  Even when two different courts tell them to do so.

No, they’d rather litigate and lobby than just treat the artists fairly.