There used to be a great organization called the National Association of Recording Merchandisers or “NARM.”  A few years ago, we watched them invaded by “digital retailers”.  (Check the board of directors photographs–you can spot them the same way you can pick out talent agents–especially the guys who drove BMWs when they were in the mailroom.  You know what I’m talking about.)  Now it is called the “Music Business Association.”

So now I get this crap in my email today:


The idea that these people are buying into Google’s bullshit shakedown demotion scheme based on “preliminary results are in” just check Torrentfreak is such obvious shillery that it’s nauseating.  The answer to piracy?  Search engine optimization.

“Now would be a great time to refocus your efforts on SEO so your licensed offerings appear ahead of new and smaller infringing sites who will be working hard to improve their own rankings.”

The chair of the Music Business Association is from YouTube and Spotify is a board member (Google being a board member of Spotify).

RIP NARM.  The Google ingestion is complete.