Google’s Muscle-Based Defacto Compulsory License: What About We Don’t Like You Don’t They Understand?

The wisest among you learn to read your portents well You know there’s no need to hurry, it’s all downhill to hell… Don’t Stand Still, written by The Original Snakeboy, performed by Guy Forsyth on Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana. GMR Formed Out of Pandora Lawsuits Against Songwriters Affiliated with ASCAP and BMI Yes, the portents are in the […]

Why Are Analysts Pessimistic on Google? Maybe the Internet of Too Many of Other Peoples’ Things

As Business Insider tells us: In a research note sent out Tuesday, JPMorgan’s Doug Anmuth lowered estimates for Google’s revenues, citing concerns with “the transition from desktop to mobile search, continued margin compression, and increasing competition from Facebook.” Shortly after the note went out, Google stock hit a 52-week low. That was not a huge […]

How Spooky Is It? YouTube Pushes Jihadi Recruitment Videos While The Internet Association Tells Us Washington is “Spooky” for the Internet

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
Every now and then I get these absurdly childlike emails from the Internet Association (which is yet another Google-dominated lobbying group in Washington).  Here’s the latest: If what gets you up in the morning are patent trolls, you’re probably not going to relate to this next bit very well.…

Joe Cocker RIP

Many years ago, Roger Davies walked into my office in the green bungalow on the A&M lot with a list of issues to cover for his artists.  One was a license of “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker for a major motion picture.  We came to have Joe on the label due to Jerry […]

Public Citizen’s List of Examples of “Third Party” Groups to Which Google Provides Support

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
As we know, Google spends hundreds of millions every year to extend its influence through government, academia and the media.  (Although sometimes with the media it extends its influence through theft wrapped in a bunch of excuses). The venerated good government group Public Citizen released a comprehensive report entitled…