News from the Goolag: Lessig says he likes everything about the Pirate Party except the name

Here’s a blast from the past, a “Gruber moment” for the Poker Prof.

Music Technology Policy

Lessig counsels that the U.S. Congress already thinks that the fight he has created is over “hard working copyright owners” against people who want to steal.

Yes, that’s the fight he created. He got that exactly right. Which should come as no surprise–he’s been promoting the Pirate Party since 2006. Now his problem is that they are actually becoming visible and he has to figure out how to co-opt that political success for his own purposes without getting fired by Fox News contributor Joe Trippi.

What he doesn’t like is accepting the “Pirate” label. Now why would that be? Why would he care, being a lobbying academic and all? Could it be because it would make it difficult for him to keep shilling for Google & Co.? Not that he wouldn’t keep shilling, it’s just the short con is harder to run when you are walking around with…

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