20 More Questions for Artists: License fee splits for film and TV

Music Technology Policy

This post is a follow-on to “20 Questions for New Artists” by Chris Castle and Amy Mitchell available here.

Great news, you got a track licensed for a weekly network TV show, what’s called “episodic television.”  So now what?

The network will issue a standard license which is probably reasonably fair to you (although you should always have your legal or business advisor review it and tell you what it says).  Here are a few things that it ought to say.

1.  License not Ownership:  First, it’s a nonexclusive license, meaning that even though you license the recording (and the song, which we will come to), you are free to license the same recording to anyone else for the same kind of use (although not the same show), and you are free to continue using the recording and song however you want.

Sometimes there is a…

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