Public Citizen’s List of Examples of “Third Party” Groups to Which Google Provides Support

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As we know, Google spends hundreds of millions every year to extend its influence through government, academia and the media.  (Although sometimes with the media it extends its influence through theft wrapped in a bunch of excuses).

The venerated good government group Public Citizen released a comprehensive report entitled “Mission Creep-y” that measures many dimensions of Google’s influence in the US.  (“In the US” is an important qualifier–Google does much the same in major economies.)    In addition to the campaign contributions and lobbying spend that are largely public record, Public Citizen also focused on a largely unseen element of this influence–so called “third party” influence groups (often non-profits) that end up on Google’s side most of the time.  (See SOPA.)

Tax exempt nonprofits disclose their income on an IRS Form 990, but the one schedule that would be meaningful in evaluating the nonprofit’s bona fides is confidential.  That’s Schedule B…

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