The Revenge of the Adsense Whistleblower: Google Sued For Canceling Adsense Accounts and Keeping the Money

Remember the Adsense Whistleblower?  What the whistleblower alleged is that Google is essentially stealing money from Adsense publishers in situations that may be subject to an obligation on Google’s part to refund that money to advertisers.  Because the whistleblower has not published any documents as evidence for the claims, we don’t have much to go […]

The Life She Wants You to Have

…there was lunch in the larger, first floor cafeteria where, in the corner, on a small stage there was a man, playing a guitar, who looked like an aging singer-songwriter Mae’s parents listened to. “Is that….?” “It is,” Annie said, not breaking her stride.  “There’s someone every day.   Musicians, comedians, writers….We book them a year […]

Google’s Guide to RICO

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
PRS For Music recently released a report entitled the “Six Business Models of Copyright Infringement.”  This report was co-sponsored by Google.  The company’s European Policy Blog had a suitably Googlely statement (if you know what I mean) announcing the release of the report.  ( Well, it wasn’t entirely Googley because it…

Are you having trouble with Topspin?

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but based on a couple of personal experiences I would have to say that as a fulfillment house of physical product, Topspin turned out to be unusable.  Like so many Silicon Valley companies, as soon as you cross over into the physical world, these guys just […]