#howgoogleworks for Jihad: Google Still Distributing AQAP Aspirational Videos with SNL Links, NBA and the Tonight Show

As MTP readers will recall, YouTube routinely gives a platform to jihadis and then takes advantage of that traffic by linking those videos to their channel partners.  In today’s example, those channel partners include Saturday Night Live, the NBA and the Tonight Show.

Here’s the video:

According to Long War Journal:

[T]he media wing of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al Malahem Media Foundation, released the latest installment of its video series documenting the group’s attacks, called “From The Battlefield.” This most recent episode features footage of a double suicide attack on the Yemeni military’s First Military Command base in Hadramout and other smaller attacks in the province.

So let’s be clear–I’m not suggesting that the content should be censored unless you think that there’s something wrong with giving material assistance to terrorists (that’s 18 U.S. Code §2339A and §2339B for those reading along).  I’m making a much more concrete and commercially based argument.

YouTube is a commercially dubious platform because Google will place your videos against nearly anything based on some algorithm that is truly bizarre.

UPDATE:  The standing joke around MTP is that if you want a video taken down from YouTube, just criticize Google for it on the blog.  Right on cue, the AQAP video seems to have disappeared.  Which brings to mind this interrogatory from Attorney General Jim Hood’s subpoena:


What exactly are the algorithmic connections Google is promoting with these videos in the sidebar?  If you like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, you’ll love Saturday Night Live?

aqap 2



If you like double suicide bombers, you’ll love the NBA?

aqap 3


Or how about Jimmy Fallon?  Think he’s digging getting the AQAP traffic?

aqap 4


And don’t miss that message from Google at the bottom of the page:


aquap 5

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