The Best News I’ve Had All Day

You’re going to hear a lot about the great work that the #irespecctmusic team is doing this week in Washington, DC to rev up the Congress again in the new session about getting artists paid for radio play.  That’s really important, make no mistake, and we’re going to devote some ink to that for sure.

But I spoke to Blake today and he shared something very special that happened and it got him just as excited as meeting the powerful.

Blake, Janita and Tommy Merrill (who will need no introduction to MTP readers) spoke today about #irespectmusic at the Georgetown Law School to a room full of students.  And something really special happened–it turns out one of the students is doing their honors thesis about the #irespectmusic campaign.

The team was just so excited that what they were doing inspired a student to devote a lot of their time and…their grade!!…to the cause.  I mean, how cool is that?

Pretty cool, man.

georgetownTommy, Blake and Janita