Everyone is “Pro-Digital” It’s Just Some of Us Do Math, Others Believe in Unicorns

The Trichordist

New Jargon:  Math Doers & Magic Unicorn Lovers

There is no digital divide in the music business.  There is no pro-digital music business and anti-digital music business.  This is the real divide, it’s between  those that do the math on the revenues, and those that believe in magic unicorns.

I’m in a band. Like virtually every performer, I’m pro-digital.   I’ve been running a profitable web enabled business since 1993 (built our first website).  A profitable web-based business since 1999 (Napster). And managing a transmedia brand campaign since 2005 (YouTube + WordPress).  Bands were the early adopters of social media, crowd funding and just about everything that the digital gurus think was just invented (and need to desperately explain back to the pioneers for a fee).

Ever heard of  The Well and the Grateful Dead?  Anyone remember the pre www days of AOL? The most popular “boards” were hosted by…

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