Google Distributing Another Terrorist Propaganda Video

Right on cue, Google’s YouTube video monopoly platform is distributing yet another terrorist propaganda video:

According to The Long War Journal:

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, has released another video showing its fighters using American-made TOW missiles. As The Long War Journal reported earlier this week, Al Nusrah released a video featuring a TOW missile attack in the early hours of the jihadists’ newly-launched offensive against Syrian regime forces in the city of Idlib.

Al Nusrah continues to use the weapons against Bashar al Assad’s forces. Earlier today, Al Nusrah released the video shown above on one of its official Twitter feeds.

These guys know who they can count on to distribute their aspirational jihad videos, the “catch me if you can” video network being pumped right into your house right now.