@senmikelee Tells Google–Keep Your Money

As it turns out, the day after Senator Mike Lee announced that the U.S. Senate Antitrust Subcommittee that he chairs would begin an investigation of Google’s Washington DC influence peddling operation there was to have been a campaign fundraiser for Lee hosted by Google and some other tech industry PACs.  But Senator Lee threatened to back out if Google stayed in, and Google has withdrawn.

According to Brody Mullins’s reporting in the Wall Street Journal, this is how it went down:

After the Journal reported that Google was helping to raise money for Mr. Lee the following day, Mr. Lee’s campaign staff contacted the company, and Google decided not to attend the event, according to Mr. Lee’s office.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the senator’s campaign reached out to Google Monday, and they elected not to attend the event,” said Mr. Lee’s spokeswoman in a statement to the Wall Street Journal Tuesday morning.

Google is discovering that their ham handed efforts at buying Washington may be fizzling out.  This investigation is off to a good start.