Where are the Google Emails in the Sony Hack Database?

Here’s a very interesting thing about the Wikileaks post of the documents hacked from Sony Pictures.  You know, the North Korea hack.  Now that the documents are searchable thanks to M. Assange & Co., I tried searching for emails from “.google.com”.  Why?  This email kind of sums it up nicely:

From: Adam Kovacevich [mailto:akovacevich@google.com]
 Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:33 PM
 Weaver, Keith
 Maho Takahata
 Meeting with Google?

Hi Keith – I don’t believe we’ve met yet, but I lead U.S. public policy for Google in DC.  On behalf of our Americas Government Relations VP Susan Molinari, I wanted to reach out to see if you’d have time to talk with the two of us in the next few weeks. Given the depth of Google’s business partnership with Sony Pictures — encompassing YouTube and Google Play in particular — as well as the public policy issues of interest to both our companies (particularly IP and content issues), we thought we were probably long overdue to talk, get to know each other better, and explain some of the things we’ve been doing in the content, search and entertainment areas. Our sense is that our future business interests are more aligned than many people realize.

I know you’re L.A. based, but if you have any DC trips planned soon we could meet up whenever you’re here. Alternatively we could arrange to chat sometime in November by phone or Google Hangout. I’ve cc’d my admin Maho who can coordinate with your end.

Thanks, Adam
Adam Kovacevich | Director, Public Policy | Google
NOTE NEW ADDRESS: 25 Mass Ave NW, 9th Floor | Washington, DC (202) 470-3046 | akovacevich@google.com

Well, exactly.  And “given the depth of Google’s business partnership with Sony Pictures” one would have expected quite a few emails to show up, right?  Normal course of business emails, like when will we get the Spiderman trailer, or correspondence relating to some of the 350,000,000 take down notices that Google received.  You know, stuff like this email to Spencer Stephens at SPE from Steve Maher at Google:

Sony – Google TV Devices Spec sheet.xlsx.pdf

Hi Spencer, We are starting to roll out the latest version of the Google Play app on more devices next week, so would appreciate a quick response on your approval of the attached devices for HD playback. I’m out of the office for a few days, so adding Faisal from the GoogleTV team who can help answer any questions.

Thanks, Steve — Steve Maher | Sales Engineer, TV & Film | YouTube

So there were some emails like that.  Well…I found two. That’s right.  “Given the depth of Google’s business partnership with Sony Pictures” you might have expected there to be more.

Oh, let’s not forget this one from Robert Kyncl (Grand Poobah and Pukka Sahib of Content at YouTube):

Happy Holidays From YouTube YouTube Rewind 2013

Happy Holidays and here’s to a great 2014! – Robert

I invite you to look for yourselves and see how many emails from Google to SPE executives you can find.  Not internal emails from within SPE, but emails to SPE from the people who are desperately trying to keep from being investigated over their $500,000,000 nonprosecution agreement and companion shareholder lawsuit–among other things.

I found 6 out of 170,000 or so–I’m sure I must be getting that wrong.