#irespectmusic Hits the Road: Blake Morgan Campus Talks on the #irespectmusic Movement and Artist Pay for Radio Play

Blake Morgan has taken the #irespectmusic message out on the road–the way we all know how to sell ourselves and our records.  Blake’s going to finish his Spring 2015 East Coast college tour in Toronto at Canadian Music Week on what is sure to be a noteworthy panel on May 8 with Blake, Zoë Keating and author and columnist Scott Timberg (author of Culture Crash).

It’s important to remember that only a few years ago, there may well have been some hesitancy to host anyone who was pro-artist rights on many U.S. campuses.  If this was due to anything, the genesis of this strategy can be traced back the Napster litigation PR strategy to encourage the mob to savage Lars Ulrich and Metallica.  Thanks to many artists standing up for the inherent value of artistic innovation, those days are clearly gone.  I would suggest that this is in no small part due to the #irespectmusic movement but it really has everything to do with you standing up together and rejecting the bad old days.

That reaction is inspiring but even more inspiring for me is the reaction of the students that support the #irespectmusic movement and artist pay for radio play.

I asked Blake about his reception by these students:
Regardless of the city each of these #IRespectMusic talks has been in, or the university that’s invited me, there’s been a clear and wonderful constant. Everywhere I’ve gone, the students are brimming with energy, excitement, engagement, and righteous outrage at the current landscape for American music makers. And they’re either already involved in the #IRespectMusic movement, or pumped and eager to be, following the presentation. They’re handing out fliers, holding concerts, putting stickers on their guitar cases, posting photos, contacting their representatives. Any and everything they can do.
Sometimes they’re young music makers themselves, hoping to explore and succeed in their own musical lives. Sometimes they’re law students, humorously “face palming” at the embarrassing behavior of big companies towards American music makers. These are emotional trips, emotional talks, and powerful to be a part of. These students will not be stopped. They’re so inspiring. And they’re standing up for their piece of the American dream.

Blake’s recent campus talks include Temple University, Syracuse University, NYU, American University and Georgetown.  Don’t forget to sign the petition!


Temple University

11060109_10152829526058870_6417907474794313242_oBlake and legendary producer and Phil Nicolo at Phil’s Temple University class


Syracuse University


Georgetown University


NYU Clive Davis School


American University

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  1. Great grass roots effort by Blake Morgan to get the word out. There’s a palpable shift taking place with social attitudes changing toward piracy and artists’ compensation on the Internet in general.

    Thanks for the update, Chris.


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