Live From YouTubeistan: Google Still Providing Material Support for ISIS

Long War Journal reports:

The Islamic State has released a new video showcasing recent battles in the Al Sufiyah area of eastern Ramadi.  Approximately 30 Iraqi police have been killed and around 100 more have been injured in recent days in the western provincial capital.

The video (embedded above) documents fierce firefights taking place with Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The footage starts with a dawn raid followed by showing Islamic State fighters firing on Iraqi positions and clearing buildings. Several scenes show Iraqi aircraft flying overhead while jihadist insurgents utilize rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) and other small arms to kill several Iraqi troops. At least one suicide bomber driving a captured Humvee is shown in the video.

And who would help distribute this jihadi propaganda video to the world?  Who else–Google through its YouTubeistan subsidiary.

When Long War Journal posted the video, they included this statement:

Warning: Some scenes are graphicWarning: Some scenes are graphic

Why would LWJ put that notice on the video?  Because they watched it and they decided to post it because it was consistent with their editorial policy.

When YouTube posted the same video, one might say that perhaps it “slipped through” like the 180,000,000 videos YouTube took down last year.  That might be true, except that YouTube posted the video behind this screen–so they decided to distribute the video, just behind an age screen.  Axis Sally, Lord Haw-Haw, Hanoi Hannah and Tokyo Rose are dancing a jig.

LWJ Video