Where are the Google Emails in the Sony Hack Database?

Here’s a very interesting thing about the Wikileaks post of the documents hacked from Sony Pictures.  You know, the North Korea hack.  Now that the documents are searchable thanks to M. Assange & Co., I tried searching for emails from “.google.com”.  Why?  This email kind of sums it up nicely: From: Adam Kovacevich [mailto:akovacevich@google.com] Sent: Wednesday, October […]

Is Pandora Really a Non-Interactive Service? Does It Really Qualify for Compulsory Licenses and Lower Rates?

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
What Is interactive radio?  And why isn’t Pandora considered interactive radio? Although Pandora has always regarded themselves as a “non-interactive” Internet radio service  from what I can tell this assumption has never really been properly tested. The question is important because if Pandora is  “interactive” -not non-interactive -it could no longer…

Twilight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Hubris: Google Will Face at Least Two Antitrust Investigations in Europe

Good things come to those who wait So just relax and wait for fate… from Love You Madly by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn ______________________________________________________ According to the Wall Street Journal (EU files formal charges against Google): European Union regulators formally accused GoogleInc. of violating the bloc’s antitrust laws by abusing its dominance of online search, escalating a long-running case […]

@RIAA Opposition to Big Radio Payola Waiver Petition at @FCC

David Lowery called attention to Big Radio’s attempt to get around the payola statutes (“FCC Payola Lanes: Big Broadcasters Ask FCC for Payola Waiver“) and highlighted the need for public commentary on the application to the FCC by Clear Channel  & Co. to get a legal waiver of the payola laws.  As David wrote: Paying for […]