BREAKING–Leaked internal email from NPR’s Policy and Representation Division Explaining NPR Membership on McCoalition

This explains a lot…

The Trichordist

We were sent this internal email from inside National Public Radio by a whistleblower.  The internal email was apparently in response to the criticism of NPR coming from independent artists online.  As we suspected, it appears that NPR’s participation in the controversial “Mic Coalition” (or as we call it the “McCoalition”) was a decision taken by NPR’s Policy and Representation division (aka “suits”) without consulting with any of the music or news workers or any of the NPR member stations.

NPR is participating in the Music, Innovation & Consumers (MIC) Coalition to ensure that public radio’s voice is heard in future policy decisions involving copyright law. Changes to copyright law may have a direct impact on public radio stations’ abilities to bring music to listeners nationwide.

Our participation in this coalition is not an endorsement of the business plans or activities of other members.

The coalition has not yet made specific legislative…

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