Uber Hires Googler Rachel Whetstone to Bully Teamsters

‘Did you torture him?’

Captain Segura laughed. ‘No. He doesn’t belong to the torturable class.’

‘I didn’t know there were class-distinctions in torture.’

‘Dear Mr Wormold, surely you realize there are people who expect to be tortured and others who would be outraged by the idea. One never tortures except by a kind of mutual agreement.’
‘There’s torture and torture.’

Our Man in Havana, by Graham Greene

Remember Rachel Whetstone?  She was the Senior Vice President of Communications and Public Policy at Google until this week when she took a comparable job at Uber, replacing former Obama 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe.  She also coined the “crying baby” gif for a now-forgotten post she wrote excoriating Rupert Murdoch.

Another fun fact–it typical Google style, influence peddling begins at home.  Rachel Whetstone is married to Steve Hilton, a close advisor of recently reelected UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  According to Wikipedia “Whetstone is married to Steve Hilton. The couple were godparents to Ivan Cameron, the late eldest child of David Cameron.”

In other words, Rachel Whetstone has been the brains behind Googles’ “torture the artists” campaign–and is a member of what Graham Greene might call the untorturable class.

So Ms. Whetstone is now leaving the sanctum sanctorum of Google to join Uber to torture the Teamsters and other taxi drivers.  Because, you know, there’s torture and then there’s torture.

Good luck with that, Rach.  Just invite the Teamsters for a latte to have a chit chat about permissionless innovation and warmed bidets.  And driverless trucks.  They just love that stuff.

Good times.