It’s the Data, Stupid: Here’s How Google Gets the Data About You They Don’t Already Have

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google intends to compete with Amazon, eBay and every other online retailer: Google Inc. will launch buy buttons on its search-result pages in coming weeks, a controversial step by the company toward becoming an online marketplace rivaling those run by Inc. and eBay Inc. The search giant will start showing the buttons when people search […]

Uber Hires Googler Rachel Whetstone to Bully Teamsters

‘Did you torture him?’ Captain Segura laughed. ‘No. He doesn’t belong to the torturable class.’ ‘I didn’t know there were class-distinctions in torture.’ ‘Dear Mr Wormold, surely you realize there are people who expect to be tortured and others who would be outraged by the idea. One never tortures except by a kind of mutual […]

BREAKING–Leaked internal email from NPR’s Policy and Representation Division Explaining NPR Membership on McCoalition

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
We were sent this internal email from inside National Public Radio by a whistleblower.  The internal email was apparently in response to the criticism of NPR coming from independent artists online.  As we suspected, it appears that NPR’s participation in the controversial “Mic Coalition” (or as we call it the…

And Your Little Dog, Too: Second Circuit Continues ASCAP Rate Court’s Crusade to Destroy the Only Thing That’s Working in Online Music Licensing

“[A] private property right includes the right to delegate, rent, or sell any portion of the rights by exchange or gift at whatever price the owner determines.” Armen A. Alchian, Property Rights We understand why Pandora wants to destroy ASCAP and BMI–the Man 2.0 doesn’t like uppity songwriters who want to be paid fairly.  Pandora […]