Forty State Attorneys General File Amicus In Support of Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s Fight Against Google

MTP readers will recall that Google sued Mississippi’s populist Attorney General Jim Hood to stop Hood’s investigation into Google’s drug habits. More on this to come, but the short history of the case is that Hood served a request for documents on Google consisting of a series of questions about Google’s business practices in furtherance […]

Digital Aggregators and Spotify

You may have heard of “The Music Business Podcast.”  It appears to be produced by a fellow named Kyle Bylin.  His bio says “Kyle Bylin is a user researcher at SoundHound Inc.”  Soundhound is a Spotify partner and is well integrated into the Spotify app.  See the Spotify FAQ.  Soundhound also has a voice recognition app […]

Hell Has Not Frozen Over: The Absurdity of the Spotify Antitrust Investigations into Apple Music

You’ve probably heard that Apple and the major labels are being “investigated” over Apple Music by the Department of Justice, the European Commission as well as State attorneys general for New York and Connecticut.  Understand that the way most of these investigations get started is that someone complained, most likely subscription service monopolist Spotify and […]