Apple Music: I got your music genome right here

It’s such a relief.  After all the absurdity of Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and SiriusXM, trust Apple to go to the source.  The source is not technical, it’s emotional.  And since it is emotional, it is also human.

Naturally, if you were trying to connect with music, you’d find a way to make it easy to connect with artists.  Not some morass of crap called Content ID that really requires an artist to hire someone just to get what’s coming to them on music they may never have wanted posted in the first place.

And here’s the part of the new Apple Music you probably didn’t see.  Like clockwork, an email arrived in everyone’s inbox last night telling you how to opt in to the new deal and clearly telling you how to find out what the deal actually is.  No threats, no DMCA, no bullshit.  Just a question:  Are you in?  Why?  Because they respect music.

This is the great tradition of Apple.  Build something that is so cool, everyone will want it.  It’s not difficult to explain–you just need to see it.  Simple.

And that just takes a laptop and a bottle of water.

3 thoughts on “Apple Music: I got your music genome right here

  1. Fascinating. Any chance we could see a copy of the email that arrived in those inboxes?


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