Google General Counsel Kent Walker’s Gallows Humor

Speaking at the Ecommerce Best Practices Conference at the Stanford Law School (aka Google Law), Google’s General Counsel Kent Walker said that he defined success as not going to jail.  Does that sound like something I would have said?  Oh, yes.  Flip?  Yes.  An attempt at humor?  Most certainly.  But odd for a guy who is suing Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood to stop what could clearly develop into a criminal investigation of Mr. Walker’s company and potentially Mr. Walker himself.

Odd for a guy who signed a non prosecution agreement with the U.S. government that spent $500,000,000 of the stockholders money to keep Google’s senior management…ahem…from being indicted for violating the Controlled Substances Act.

I know why I would find that funny, but why would he find that funny?

Maybe I’m being too tough, but I have to say I find that a rather odd thing to say for the general counsel of the most powerful media multinational in the history of commerce.