Every Playlist Tells A Story, Don’t It? Def Leppard’s Phil Collen on Making Records on their Own and the Spotify Bait and Switch

A band like Def Leppard has a great perspective on recording with the commercial pressure compared to the creative pressure. Guitarist Phil Collen offers some inspiring insights into life in the indie lane during an interview with Michael Hamad of CTNow, an online property of the Hartford Courant.  Sometimes tour press can be interesting!

Hamas asked the perceptive question, why isn’t all of Def Lep on Spotify or other streaming services?  Not surprisingly, every playlist tells a story:

I love what Taylor Swift has done….It’s bad, if not worse, than the whole Napster thing and downloading when it started. Again, a CEO from [Spotify] would make an amazing profit, whereas the artist is taken advantage of. I’m not a fan of that….When they show their true colors, you go, “Well, it’s the same old story again,” like some old blues guy getting $50 and actually owing his whole catalogue for life to someone who’s ripped him off. It’s a little like that….A businessman will probably think an artist is just content with the art. It’s a bummer getting ripped off.