Even More Transparent: 5 Omissions From Berklee College/Rethink Music’s Report

The Trichordist

I love transparency.

Last week Berklee College of Music/Rethink-Music/Kobalt Music released this report on transparency and fair pay in the music business.  The report eviscerates the record labels, publishers and performing rights organizations for failing to provide the proper level of  transparency and fair pay to artists.

While we can agree with some aspects of Berklee’s Kobalt Music-funded report, Berklee’s report doesn’t even mention the opaque deals and revenue calculations used by many of the ad supported music services.  Berklee’s report only looks at downstream royalties–what the services pay to rights owners–not upstream royalties, the revenues earned by services that those downstream royalties are based on.

For example, Google will not disclose the revenue that its YouTube subsidiary generated last year but Morgan Stanley estimates that YouTube generated nearly $6 billion. Almost as much as the entire US recorded music business. How much was paid back to YouTube’s…

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