Transparency for Thee But Not for Me: Google Tries to Censor India’s Link Rigging Investigation of Google

There you go again–in another fine example of the non-disclosure agreement culture at Google, the Economic Times of India reports that Google is trying to force India to keep India’s own link rigging investigation of Google a secret.

That’s right–as ex-White House staffer Susan Crawford might say, Google is trying to “geek around the nation state.”  Or in SOPA-speak, The Google is censoring India’s investigation of The Google to keep users in the dark.

After a report filed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) last week accused Google of abusing its dominant position to rig search outcomes, the company has requested the competition watch dog to maintain confidentiality of the probe. A company spokesperson confirmed to ET that it has written a letter to CCI earlier this week. ET had reported on Monday that Flipkart, Facebook, Nokia’s maps division, MakeMyTrip were among 30 companies have corroborated complaints that US internet giant Google abused its dominant market position, for influencing both the actual search result as well as sponsored links.

The search giant has requested CCI to maintain “confidentiality” of the probe and ensure that the findings are not leaked to third parties including media.

How about especially media.  Maybe someone needs to remind The Google that India not in the United States.  It’s a fact, you should be able to look it up on Google Maps.  Quick, before they change it.

While Google may be able to tell the Federal Trade Commission what it is and is not allowed to investigate, that approach clearly is not flying in Europe, India or probably anywhere else.

Censorship of the law is no excuse for link rigging. If Americans have to go to Europe and India for justice, so be it.