Why Did MIC Coalition Change Its Logo?

An eagle eyed MTP reader (Michael Eames of PEN Music Group) noticed an odd and recent change in logo at the MIC Coalition, Google and Pandora’s soul-crushing trillion dollar coalition with the National Association of Broadcasters to grind artists even further into the dirt than these corporate behemoths already have.  You’ll recall that the the logo has had a certain evolution.

Recall that the MIC Coalition (or as I like to call it the “McCoalition”) started out looking like this, all shiny and chrome:

 That lasted a few weeks–McCoalition caught heaps of nasty opprobrium from all quarters of the music community (especially The Trichordist and David Lowery).  Then Amazon dropped out, just up and left.  Jeffrey we hardly knew ye.

So then the logo looked like this:

MIC Coalition

After Amazon left these sadists to their own devices, attention focused on National Public Radio.  What in the world was NPR doing in this group.  Again, David Lowery led the charge on this question, as did a number of people inside NPR who wanted none of it.  Suddenly, NPR left the McCoalition without warning or announcement.  Just gone.

After that, the logo changed again:

MIC Coaltion 8-15

But as Michael noticed, the logo has changed again, sometime in the last 30 days or so, and now looks like this:


What is different about the new logo?  All the logos for individual companies have disappeared.  Now all that remains are the logos of lobbying groups.

I don’t think Google and Pandora have dropped out, nor do I think that Clear Channel has dropped out (Clear Channel now calls itself I Heart Media, which is kind of like the Cattlemen’s Association rebranding itself I Heart Cows).  And remember, Google and Pandora are both members of the Consumer Electronics Association and the Digital Media Association, Google is a member of the Computer and Communications Industry Association.  Clear Channel is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Music License Committee.

So the McCoalition continues apace–although I must say I do not understand why the National Retail Federation has something against artists.  To the extent we cross paths with them at all, it has to be either as customers in their stores or vendors of one kind or another.  Why would they want to form a cartel to attack us?

And make no mistake–that’s exactly what they are doing, starting with opposing the merger of SESAC and HFA.  We understand why Google and Pandora, DiMA, CCIA and CEA are trying to screw songwriters, bullying creators is in their DNA.  As the literature will tell you, bullies have deep seated emotional problems.  I get it.

But retailers?  Wine producers?  Hotels?  Don’t we give you people enough business?

You do have to ask yourself, though–why are they trying to hide behind their lobbyists?