#irespectmusic And I Vote: The Good News is the Conventional Wisdom is Wrong

The MIC Coalition members listed above are the new alliance of big business against artists and songwriters.  The McCoalition (as I call them) is designed to intimidate creators.  Why? The answer is easy–because their combined mountain of lobbying power gives them an unprecedented opportunity to pull the levers of corruption in Washington, DC.  The message […]

Beware the BBC

We all love BBC programming and most of it we see in this country through BBC America.  That’s the part of the BBC that licenses selected programming produced for broadcast in the UK.  Brits get to watch that programming inside the UK by paying the annual license fee for TV and radio, a license fee […]

If Advertisers can Verify Advertising, Why Can’t Artists?

Anyone who has reviewed a YouTube royalty statement knows that there’s some pretty strange things going on with advertising on the Google video monopoly.  If it’s any comfort, we’re not the only ones.  Advertisers have finally managed to crack the YouTube code according to Reuters.  Of course, if it’s like most things having to do […]

Transparency for Thee But Not for Me: Google Tries to Censor India’s Link Rigging Investigation of Google

There you go again–in another fine example of the non-disclosure agreement culture at Google, the Economic Times of India reports that Google is trying to force India to keep India’s own link rigging investigation of Google a secret. That’s right–as ex-White House staffer Susan Crawford might say, Google is trying to “geek around the nation state.” […]

Guest Post: A response to Michael Geist’s Defense of Bootleg Beatles Records by Canadian Music Publishers Association’s Executive Director, Robert Hutton

[This post by Canadian Music Publishers Association Executive Director Robert Hutton is reprinted with permission from the CMPA’s Sept. 3, 2015 newsletter.] We recently read the article posted by Michael Geist to his website earlier this week on the matter of Stargrove Entertainment’s legal action against parties allegedly impeding their sale of recordings which were, at […]