#IStandWithTheHarpist: Spotify’s Non-denial Denial to @ItsJoannaNewsom

BRADLEE (glancing through;nods) –all non-denial denials–we’re dirty guys and they doubt we were ever virgins but they don’t say the story is inaccurate. BERNSTEIN What’s a real denial? BRADLEE If they ever start calling us goddamn liars… From All the President’s Men by William Goldman Harpist and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom gave an interview to the LA Times that […]

The Nature of Collective Licensing

The main reason why it is profitable to establish a firm would seem to be that there is a cost of using the price mechanism. The most obvious cost of “organising” production through the price mechanism is that of discovering what the relevant prices are. This cost may be reduced but it will not be […]

Transparency Starts Upstream for Streaming Royalties

[This post first appeared in the Huffington Post] We’ve seen stories recently about various successes for artists in negotiations with major labels about “transparency” in the payment of the artist’s share of streaming royalties received by record companies. This is great news of course, but the new buzz word “transparency” should be understood in context. […]