RIP Nick Alexander

I’ve been waitin’ on you brother
Welcome to the band
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home

From Six Strings Down, by Jimmie Vaughn.

The bond between band and road crew is one of those unbreakable emotional ties.  The brotherhood of the road tests everyone  in the family.  There are lots of near misses each year, but every now and then those demons who live in the night come and take one of us away.  When that happens suddenly and cruelly to an innocent young man in his prime, there are no words.  There just aren’t.

We’ve seen a lot of road demons over the years, but getting mowed down by terrorists is one we have to add to the list now.  If you’d like to contribute to the Nick Alexander Memorial Fund, please visit the gofundme page.  Like the man said, we take care of our own as best we can.

You can also donate to the French Red Cross here.