Call to Action: The Department of Justice is Assaulting Songwriters Yet Again

The Trichordist

When you write a song with another songwriter, do you ask them “Who’s your PRO?”  Never, right?  If the U.S. government has its way, you better start–because the Department of Justice wants to force ASCAP and BMI to license 100% of any song their affiliated songwriters control any part of, like a government-mandated controlled compositions clause.

Yes, you read that right. Example:  You write a song 50/50 with another writer.  One of you is ASCAP the other BMI.  The U.S. government seems to think that the rule always has been–which we all know is utter and complete bullshit–that ASCAP and BMI could both license 100% of that song.  Even though ASCAP and BMI want no part of it and have never done 100% licensing, the U.S. government wants to force them to do it.  How would that work?

It can’t possibly work, never was the deal, and…

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