Jury Rules For BMG on Cox Media P2P Piracy

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Details are still slim, but it looks like a victory for artists and rightsholders.  Court agrees ISPs are supposed to have real policy for disconnecting repeat infringers.  Cox basically had a “fake” cutoff  policy and lost DMCA protections. Fox is now liable for user’s infringement. Law360, Washington (December 17, 2015,…

SNAFU: Poor Quality Reporting on Pandora Financials

We’ll have more on the quirky CRB decision shortly, but let’s get something out of the way about the reporting.  Even the so-called business press doesn’t seem to be able to look past one item on Pandora’s financials:  royalties.  (Or as Pandora defines it, “content acquisition costs).) If you read any–and I mean any–of the […]

Pandora’s Shell Game with Royalty and Revenue

Remember when Pandora used to complain about how royalty costs were over half their revenue?  Let’s take a look at their income statement for the last 12 months (“trailing twelve months” or “ttm”) from Yahoo! Finance: “Total Revenue” of $1,100,000,000.  Because as Sean Parker will tell you, you know what’s really cool?  A billion dollars. […]

What Would Frank Do: Frankie and Danny

In honor of the Chairman’s 100th birthday anniversary, indulge me in a thought experiment.  Imagine, if you will, that Daniel Ek had a conversation with Frank Sinatra about freemium. You see, Frank…may I call you Frank? Most people call me Mr. Sinatra.  Particularly people who are trying to get my business. Oh…OK Mr. Sinatra…I know you’re […]

Music Director at WJCU Breaks with National Association of Broadcasters in Letter to Congress Supporting Artist Pay for Radio Play

[Editor Charlie sez: It’s the end of 2015 and it’s time to look over the good news that came during the year.  For those MTP readers who missed the interview with Karoline Kramer-Gould, the heroic Music Director at tastemaker college radio station WJCU, here’s the reprint from Chris’s blog on Huffington Post.  If you already saw […]

Should ISPs Pay to Defend Innocent Users Caught Up in Whack-a-Mole?

Here’s another interesting Bit Torrent federal appellate case from Iowa (8th Circuit) Killer Joe Nevada v. Leaverton.  The California-based plaintiff (Killer Joe Nevada, LLC) appears to be a “collapsable” LLC organized to produce the movie “Killer Joe”.  The producers apparently fell victim to what fellow indie producer Ellen Seidler referred to as “DMCA hell” and went […]

Aurous Shut Down, Marketing by Lawsuit gets TKO

Several record companies have settled a lawsuit against both an app named “Aurous” (the “Popcorn Time” of recorded music) and the app’s developer Andrew Samson.  MTP readers will remember the Silicon Valley technique of “marketing by lawsuit”–this program requires investors and developers backing a technology they know to be infringing and then praying to get […]