What Did Spotify Know and When Did They Know It?

Kiss me once, then once more. What a dunce I was before. How long has this been going on? From How Long Has This Been Going On? Music by George Gershwin, Lyric by Ira Gershwin from Funny Face If you have been following the separate class actions for songwriter royalties brought against Spotify by David […]

An Interview with Andrew Shaw of PRS for Music on Negotiating with Google, a guest post by Jonathan David Neal

[Editor Charlie sez: In honor of the new PRS-YouTube license in the UK, we’re reposting this harrowing first hand account of the first YouTube/PRS negotiation.  For PRS members, there’s a good chance that this post has more information about your deal than you’ll ever get anywhere else because your rates are–you know–confidential and stuff. This […]