@theblakemorgan’s Must Read #irespectmusic Post on Artists as Innovators

Blake Morgan scores another home run.  His op-ed on Huffington Post, “Why Music Makers Are the Real American Innovators“:

Music makers don’t require a lesson on American innovation at all.

We know all about American innovation.

Rock & Roll is an American innovation. Hip-Hop is an American innovation. Jazz isan American innovation. Blues, Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, each of these — and so many others — are distinct American innovations.

Music is one of the things America still makes that the world still wants. The people who make that music should be paid fairly for their work.

That’s our argument.

Artists are sick and tired of being talked down to, called Luddites, ignored, demeaned and exploited by an unholy alliance of the music industry establishment and The Man 2.0.  And most of all–being ripped off on The Internet of Other People’s Things in one of the biggest income transfers of all time under the fakery of “permissionless innovation” and the “sharing economy.”

Blake puts his erudite finger right on it, and once again his well-crafted words resonate with the thousands who have shared and liked this excellent post.

I recommend without reservation.