#irespectmusic Back on Capitol Hill with @RadioCleveKKG and @theblakemorgan

Karoline Blake Ted D
Congressman Ted Deutch, Karoline Kramer-Gould and Blake Morgan in Washington, DC

Who can forget Karoline Kramer-Gould’s courageous stand supporting artist pay for radio play against the MIC Coalition and the National Association of Broadcasters?  The former Music Director at WJCU is on Capitol Hill meeting with Members of Congress to give them her point of view in support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act that would guarantee fair compensation for artists played on terrestrial radio.

That would be all artists–because Fair Play Fair Pay closes the “Pandora loophole” that allows Pandora and Sirius to stiff artists recording before 1972 and their heirs.

We all owe Karoline a big vote of thanks for sticking her neck out against the NAB, Pandora, Sirius, Google and the rest of the MIC Coalition.

Congressman Ted Deutch is a great supporter of artist rights and holds a sign that is itself a play on “No Dogs or Actors Allowed”!

More to follow…