#irespectmusic Team Supporting #FairPlayFairPay on Capitol Hill

The #irespectmusic team was back on Capitol Hill this week to tell the story of working people supporting artist pay for radio play and the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act.  This time Blake Morgan was joined by Karoline Kramer-Gould, the former music director at WJCU in Cleveland, and met with Members of the House of Representatives on key House committees.

karoline blake nadler
Fair Play Fair Pay Co-Sponsor Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Karoline, You, Blake

Karoline’s Story

Karoline gave an October 28, 2015 interview to MusicTechPolicy via Huffington Post about her support for Fair Play Fair Pay that went viral.  Karoline left WJCU in December.

Members wanted to hear her tell the other side of the story–working people in radio who silently support artist pay for radio play because they respect artists but who don’t feel comfortable speaking out against the views of their bosses.  (See Karoline’s interview and letter to Chairman Bob Goodlatte on Huffington Post: Music Director at WJCU Breaks with National Association of Broadcasters in Letter to Congress Supporting Artist Pay for Radio Play.)

Speaking out was scary enough when the National Association of Broadcasters ran the show and demanded lock step adherence to their extreme views.  After Fair Play Fair Pay was introduced, Google, Pandora and the Digital Media Association that they control joined forces with the NAB and other giant companies to form the MIC Coalition, a $2 trillion lobbying bloc against artist pay for radio play (among other things).

So now even more of these employers can scare even more of their employees into silence.

Blake KKG Conyers
Blake, Karoline, You and Rep. John J. Conyers, Jr., Dean of the House and Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee

Members of Congress have seen this story before, of course, and the MIC Coalition is not fooling anyone.

karoline blake marsha
Fair Play Fair Pay Co-Sponsor Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Karoline, You, Blake

Karoline posted this about her meetings:

When I met Blake Morgan I knew immediately that he is an amazing man. I didn’t know that he would become the brother of my heart nor that he would inspire me to take the huge leap I did. When I told him I wanted to do this he said, “Jump, KKG. I’ll catch you.”

So I jumped. The music lovers and musicians of the world have all caught me.

I didn’t do this just for Blake. I’ve done this for Raymond,  ZachShawnDeanRachaelAnnaRyanLouisePatrick, and all the other artists I know and respect. 

It’s time to shake the foundation of the radio world. It’s time for Fair Play Fair Pay. Let’s do this.

Karoline Blake Ted D
Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) of House Judiciary Committee, Karoline, You, Blake

Blake posted on his Facebook page:

What a week. This extraordinary woman has put her professional life in radio on the line to speak truth to power and push for artists’ rights. What’s more, she’s walked the courageous walk even further by coming to Capitol Hill with me to speak directly to our leaders and share her convictions with them.

Radio professionals and music professionals aren’t on opposite sides of this issue: we all love music, and we all love our country. We simply believe the people who make music should be paid fairly. Karoline Kramer-Gould has my eternal respect, my love, and my admiration. I’m honored to call her my friend. And honored to be hers. ‪#‎IRespectMusic‬


Voices and Votes

Remember–we are outnumbered in the fight against the corporate influence peddlers  aligned against us in the MIC Coalition.  These multinationals spend millions in lobbying money and PR campaigns to keep from paying artists fairly or at all.  (Pandora still isn’t paying all pre-72 artists–and the MIC Coalition has now started lobbying against songwriters, too–more about that next week).

What we have are voices and votes.  Your representatives need to hear from you using both your voice and your vote.  You can start by joining more than 13,000 people in signing the petition that got all of this started at irespectmusic.org!  And then make sure you are registered to vote!

Register to Vote!

If you want to Tweet at Blake or Karoline, their handles are @theblakemorgan and @RadioCleveKKG.  If you will be in Los Angeles on February 9, save the date.  Karoline, Blake and I will be on a dinner panel for the California Copyright Conference on grassroots organizing with #irespectmusic, details TBA soon on the CCC website.

karoline blake