Artist Representatives Embarrass Themselves Again By Not Signing Their Clients for SoundExchange Royalties

There’s another list circulating of some well-known artists who are not signed up for SoundExchange.  There’s always an implication somehow that this is the fault of SoundExchange as opposed to a failure on the part of the artist’s managers, business managers, accountants or lawyers.

Newsflash: SoundExchange can’t force anyone to sign up as a featured artist.  It is the role of the artist representatives to encourage their clients to get this done.

Newsflash:  It’s EASY to sign up.  In fact, it’s never been easier.

Newsflash:  Joining SoundExchange is one of the only ways a US artist can collect foreign performance royalties for sound recordings.

Affiliating with SoundExchange should be on the top of every representative’s new client checklist–right next to affiliating with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.  If the manager failed to get their artist/songwriter client affiliated with a PRO, or let a PRO just sit on money they’d collected it would be management malpractice, right?  Why do these managers get a pass on SoundExchange?

Let’s get it together, people, please.  This is embarrassing.

Click here to sign up.