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I had the good fortune to participate in a SXSW panel about the mechanics of YouTube revenues.  If I say so myself, it was a wonderful panel with some deep expertise (“Stop Complaining and Start Monetizing“).  There was a real interest in the audience about the mechanics of the rights involved and the revenues paid.

If you have that same interest and you weren’t able to go to SXSW, here’s a basic chart of revenue splits that may help you:

YouTube ChartSource: Billboard

YTP, YTPC= “YouTube Partner“, “YouTube Partner Channel”
SR= Sound Recording
WW= “Wild West” meaning no particular rule.

Notice that the basic categories are song, sound recording and video which track the main three copyright categories of musical work, sound recording and audiovisual work.

The percentages refer to shares of “Net Ad Revenue” often defined as:

“Net Ad Revenues” means all gross revenues recognized by…

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Revenues Explainer

  1. Chris–bottom line: Can we make any money posting youtube videos of our own songs? How? Thanks.


  2. Chris thanks for the helpful info. I have a couple of more questions. 1st. Is the revenue generated coming from advertisers only? Second: Approximately how many “hits” on YouTube before an artist can expect willing advertisers? Third: Does the artist’s publishing company handle collections/payments? Thanks for any info. Albert


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