Recode: Irving Azoff’s Open Letter to YouTube

On December 22, 1944, units of the 101st Airborne were pinned down by the German Panzer Corps at the siege of Bastogne, Belgium (immortalized most recently in Band of Brothers).  A small party from the German commander approached the American lines under a white flag and asked if the American general would like to surrender.  Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, CO of the 101st and a D-Day and Market Garden veteran, had a one word reply that has echoed through history:  “NUTS!”

With that in mind, read Irving Azoff’s open letter to YouTube:

The root of the problem here is you: You have built a business that works really well for you and for Google, but it doesn’t work well for artists. If you think it is just the labels and publishers who are complaining, you are wrong. The music community is traditionally a very fractured one, but on this we are united.

Read the letter on Recode “Dear YouTube: An open letter from Irving Azoff