Charlotte Hassan: Despite 70 Million Copyright Complaints Last Year, the Top 10 Infringing Sites Are Still Standing…

And we pay taxes for what again?  The government that allows this to happen fails in its fundamental task to protect the lives and property of citizens.

According to a report by TorrentFreak, Google’s Transparency Report shows that the top 10 infringing sites received 70 million infringement complaints last year.

This news comes after major copyright holders have been struggling to control massive online infringement for nearly two decades….

For years, copyright owners have been battling for ‘Takedown’ to become ‘Take down, Stay down‘ for obvious, repeated infringers.  These changes would allow copyright holders to issue a DMCA notice to a site for a specific piece of content and that content would be prevented from reappearing again on the same platform.

But Google has strongly opposed this movement, deeming the proposal not viable and “not a solution”.

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