Must See: Google Transparency Project Posts the Google Freedom of Information Act Searchable Archive

The Google Transparency Project is the only collection of public unclassified information about the depth of Google’s government capture.  Managed by the Campaign for Accountability, the GTP has provided the public, and particularly artists, with a breathtaking level of detail about just how much access to the levers of government power–and we assume control–that Google has enjoyed, particularly during the administration of President Obama.

Now and for the first time there is an online searchable database of thousands of documents from dozens of government agencies involving Google.  Given President Obama’s poor record on complying with Freedom of Information Act requests (see the PBS reporting “Obama administration sets new record for withholding FOIA requests“), it is entirely likely that these documents represent the tip of the iceberg.  As GTP tells us:

The Google Transparency Project is compiling in one place all communications between Google executives and US and European officials available through open-records requests. As of December 2016, this collection contains more than 43,000 pages of material. Let us know what you find by contacting us or tweeting it with the hashtag #TheGooglePapers. Researchers: Let us know if you have any documents you’d like to add to the collection.

Try searching the database here.  Remember–these are all public documents that were obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests.