Friends Don’t Let Friends Get LRFA’d: Tell Congress Not to Get Suckered into the Local Radio Freedom Act

Once again we’ve started a new session of Congress with really old news–the National Association of Broadcasters is yet again circulating the reactionary Local Radio Freedom Act (or the grammatically challenged “LRFA”) that’s been warmed over and served up again from the last Congress. LRFA’s purpose is twofold.  Get unsuspecting Members to support a policy […]

RIP Clyde Stubblefield

When I was a teenager, I used to rehearse with two other drummers both of whom were R&B players or what my friend Benny Valerio called “soul musicians”.  I had a big drum kit and was very much a rock player, or at least I wanted to be.  I suffered from what we called BS, […]

What do Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Deadmau5, Sam & Dave and The Beatles Have in Common with Hotel California? Facebook is Selling Their Names as Keywords

MTP readers will recall that there is a long history of Internet advertising companies selling keywords under dodgy circumstances.  We have some documentation of this practice–starting in 2003ish an affidavit from the “DownloadPlace” litigation documents that Google suggested artist names as Google Adwords.  In the Google drugs non prosecution agreement case, Google representatives sold drug-related […]

@chriswillman: @WriteGirlLA Teams Pro Songwriters With Local Youth to Create Original Music — Artist Rights Watch

The Saturday afternoon event is an annual highlight for WriteGirl, a charitable organization that puts on monthly mentoring workshops to help teen girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and underserved communities find their voices. via @chriswillman: @WriteGirlLA Teams Pro Songwriters With Local Youth to Create Original Music — Artist Rights Watch