Rep. Lofgren’s Flawed Approach to Employee Relations

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Google) posted a rather extraordinarily desperate press release about HR 1695 (the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act) that has a lot of flaws, but here’s one in particular that stuck in the craw. Rep. Lofgren’s criteria for a suitable candidate for the head of the U.S. Copyright Office is particularly striking; […]

The Politics of Librarians

The lopsided vote this week on HR 1695 (the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act) invites an explanation (378-48).  Some people were surprised by just how few votes the opposition got but the spread in our office pool was at least 300 voting “yes”.  Why? You hear different explanations for this such as Republicans like […]

A Must Read by Stephen Carlisle: Enjoy the Silence

Many times, I am asked to speak to student law associations and sometimes to artist associations. At these, there are frequent questions about the future of the arts in the era of unfettered internet exploitation. My response is usually in the form of a question: “Did you hear that? (Silence) “Let me ask you again… […]

@ascap #StandWithSongwriters to Capitol Hill to Demand Congress Roll Back Government Regulation of Songwriters

[Editor Charlie sez: Remember when the government set the price of mechanical royalties at $0.02 in 1909 and “forgot” to raise it until 1978?  And then–in 1978–started giving songwriters  increases based on inflation (Consumer Price Index) with no compensation for the government’s past mistakes?  Gee, thanks government.  If they’d given inflation adjustments in 1909, minimum statutory would […]