Must Watch Talk By Artist @MiraMulholland on Redefining Success in the Digital Marketplace — Artist Rights Watch

Canadian artist Miranda Mulholland articulated the common reality that we hear every day from artists around the world. Thankfully she gave her clear-eyed assessment of reality at the Economic Club of Canada–it would be great if we could get a comparable audience for artists around the world. Here’s an excerpt: via Must Watch Talk By […]

Spotify Settlement Points a Finger At Facebook

More on this later, but Robert Levine is reporting in Billboard that the combined Lowery/Ferrick potential class actions have reached a $43.4 million settlement with Spotify (read the latest court document on the settlement here from Pacer).  The settlement still requires identifying a class which the documents define (at p. 3) as: All persons or entities […]

@KRSFOW: The Future of What Podcast on the Latest Department of Justice Attack on Songwriters

Originally posted on Artist Rights Watch–News for the Artist Rights Advocacy Community:
Another outstanding podcast from the Future of What with Kill Rock Stars! President Portia Sabin talking with David Lowery, Chris Castle and NMPA CEO David Israelite about the U.S. Justice Department’s flip flop on 100% licensing. Find out what “100% licensing” means and…

The MTP Podcast: The Consequences of DOJ’s New Rule on 100% Licensing with David Lowery, Steve Winogradsky and Chris Castle

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
David Lowery, Steve Winogradsky and Chris Castle discuss the implications of the new rule by the U.S. Department of Justice re-interpreting the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees to require 100% licensing and prohibiting partial withdrawal. David Lowery is the founder of Cracker and Camper van Beethoven, leading artist rights…

@irvingazoff: Irving on the Value of YouTube to Biz: “None”

“My report about the ‘Value of YouTube to the Music Industry’ would be really brief because I can summarize the benefit of YouTube to artists in a word: none,” says Irving Azoff, responding to a controversial U.K. study that has been the subject of much ink since its debut earlier this month. Azoff disputes numerous […] […]

@stuartdredge: @BASCA_UK @CrispinHunt “Rules Won’t Break the Internet, they’ll Mend It” — Artist Rights Watch

YouTube and Facebook were squarely in the sights of Crispin Hunt, chairman of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA), as he delivered the opening address at yesterday’s Ivor Novello Awards in London. via @stuartdredge: @BASCA_UK @CrispinHunt “Rules Won’t Break the Internet, they’ll Mend It” — Artist Rights Watch

Of Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and Road Rash

In 1994, I kept getting calls from Electronic Arts about using Soundgarden in the soundtrack of a video game.  Remember–at that time, the only music in video games was pretty limited stuff.  The Electronic Arts game was called Road Rash and a new version of it was being released in a format called 3DO which I’d […]