Tribute to Gerry Lacoursiere

FYI Music News Canada has a nice tribute to Gerry Lacoursiere, the former head of A&M Canada who passed recently.  If you knew him, you’ll find it a touching reminiscence of a wonderful man.    

Five Lies In YouTube’s Spin on Content ID

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
An increasing number of artists are stepping forward to condemn YouTube’s sleazy business practices ranging from YouTube’s improbable royalty payments to Google’s legacy DMCA notice and shakedown business practices.  YouTube has struck back with the usual squid ink trying to obfuscate Google’s absurdly ineffective Content ID and Content Management System (“CMS”), most…

Does Spotify’s Valuation Have More Zeros to the Left of the Decimal Than Your Spotify Royalty Has to the Right of the Decimal?

According to Music Business Worldwide: Spotify’s most recent valuation weighed in at a whopping $13bn in the wake of its recent licensing deals with Universal and Merlin. That’s according to a new report from Reuters, which says the business is pressing ahead with its plan to directly list shares on the New York Stock Exchange […]

Amazon Showroom Operators (aka Retailers) Continue to Decline as Income Transfer Accelerates

Remember the smugness from Silicon Valley as Tower Records and other music retailers shut down?  Turns out it may not have just been the income transfer from ad supported piracy that did it. Amazon showrooms–aka bricks and mortar retail–are in an unrecoverable tailspin that will affect neighbors and communities across the country and around the […]

Internal Warner Music Memo Shows Google’s Notice and Shakedown Business as Usual

If they’re not funding terrorists, they’re shaking down artists and songwriters…. Music Business Worldwide posted this internal memo from Warner Music chief Steve Cooper about Google’s DMCA abuse and the effect of YouTube’s notice and shakedown negotiation tactics. “YouTube has a bigger audience than any other streaming service, which presents huge opportunities for the creative community, […]

Save the Date! “Music Tech Licensing: Getting Your Beta Out without Getting Beaten Up” June 20 in Austin

Save the Date! On June 20, 7 pm at Capitol Factory (Austin Omni), Chris Castle presents “Music Tech Licensing: Getting Your Beta Out without Getting Beaten Up” with special guest Keith Bernstein, CEO of Crunch Digital, sponsored by the Austin Music Tech Meetup. Topics will be copyright basics and licensing strategy for startups. via Save the […]