Spotify’s Songwriter Charm Offensive Stops Short in Sweden with STIM

According to MusicAlly, Spotify has recently taken dodging songwriters to a whole new level by refusing to pay the Swedish authors’ collecting society Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå or “STIM.”  That’s right—Spotify the Swedish company is stiffing the Swedish collecting society STIM for payments to Swedish songwriters (and any other writers STIM collects for).  And in a great example of Spotify’s seemingly endless right hand/left hand problem, Spotify is stiffing STIM at the same time as Spotify is launching its high profile charm offensive for superstar songwriters (“Spotify Secret Genius”) and trying to get a federal judge to approve a class action settlement.

@ConsumerWD Calls Out Eric Schmidt On Google Support for Human Trafficking Site Backpage at Alphabet Shareholder Meeting

Consumer Watchdog’s John Simson grills Eric Schmidt to a stutter while Google CFO Ruth Porat twiddles her thumbs and counts her shares. Consumer Watchdog report referenced in the video: “How Google’s Backing of Backpage Protects Child Sex Trafficking.” Trailer for “I Am Jane Doe” And here is YouTube’s channel partner Seeking Arrangement for advice to […]

@tessamakeslove: Would everybody just f*ck off about the beauty of begging? — Artist Rights Watch

Another brilliant post by Tessa Leena puts Patreon in its place! Beauty of begging, sold to us as something romantic and newly brilliant: We are back to the Middle Ages where creative professionals–um, troubadours–were whores and marginalized individuals. Except now, between the troubadour and the generous peasants, there is a clever middleman like Patreon who […]