@hitsdailydouble: Thoughts on a Perfect Storm

The music business is guilty. Guilty of sexism, guilty of shielding harassment, guilty of an old-(white) boy network that has deep and seemingly intractable roots. It would be pointless to pretend otherwise. The behavior and attitudes represented by this fraternity aren’t all-encompassing; plenty of people in the business have long fought against them. Still, these […]

Press Release on CLASSICS Act to Close Pre-72 Loophole

[Editor Charlie sez:  Let’s not forget–if it weren’t for The Turtles stepping up with Henry Gradstein’s team and suing Sirius and Pandora in a class action to close the nasty loophole leveraged by their legal teams, none of this would be happening.  Artist class actions work and sometimes are the only thing that work. The […]

The American Law Institute’s Restatement Scandal: The Futility of False “Unity”

UPDATE: Senator Thom Tillis and Representatives Ben Cline, Martha Roby, Ted Deutch and Harley Rouda have written a letter to the American Law Institute asking what they think they’re doing with the fake “Restatement of Copyright” being written by Spotify’s lawyers and recipients of Big Tech largesse.   Who ever thought that the American Law […]

EU Songwriters Say Show Me the Plan on Music Modernization Act–and then there’s the budget — Music Tech Solutions

There is considerable detail in the Music Modernization Act about the new collective with two major exceptions: No one is tasked with creating a business plan for the collective’s operation as the European Composers & Songwriters Alliance officers note in their letter to Rep. Collins. Neither is there any hint at what the initial operating budget would be or what it would cover.

I would add–show me the budget.  Or do you want to take the Blanche Dubois approach and depend on the kindness of strangers?