There’s an Android app for that: Google Escort App Brings Human Trafficking to The Smartphone

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[Here’s a reblog from September 2012–the CDA safe harbor was finally cut back today.]

Remember Google’s human trafficking problem?  Let’s check in and see how successfully the company is hiding…I mean solving…that problem.  (There will be screen shots that are easier to read at 200% so you may want to adjust your browsers.)

Google users are just one click away from human trafficking, which has to be on the all-time top 5 lists of the most vile things that humans do to each other.  This isn’t just because users are looking for “russian brides”.  Google delivers human trafficking links much more easily than actually searching for the salacious.  As the screenshot above demonstrates, users (including children) need only search for the word “women”.

Let’s say a user actually searched for trafficking related search terms like “Nashville Mail Order Brides”, what might they find?

Not just links that Google might crawl as they…

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