Egginghaus and German Street View

[Editor Charlie says:  This Chris Castle post originally appeared in MTP on Nov. 23, 2010.  We are reposting in light of Google’s recent efforts through cut outs and the trade groups in their paid service to perpetuate Google’s safe harbor in the European Copyright Directive so ably exposed by David Lowery, Volker Reick, the Times of […]

Article 13 Passes in European Parliament

"This is a great day for Europe’s creators." Music industry welcomes European Parliament vote for Article 13 and EU digital copyright reform. #CopyrightDirective — Music Week (@MusicWeek) September 12, 2018 In a major defeat for Google’s astroturf campaign, the European Parliament has passed the new European Copyright Directive.  Big step forward for closing […]

@IMPALAMusic: Calling all Creators, Europe is Under Attack

[Attention @SenatorBurr @MarkWarner! GoogleTwitterFacebook are attacking the European Parliament just the way they do the US Congress!] #Culture is under attack: #Europe's cultural and creative sectors are calling all citizens! @POLITICOEurope @AxelVossMdEP @TheProgressives @GreensEP @EPPGroup @GUENGL @ecrgroup @ALDEgroup @EP_President — IMPALA (@IMPALAMusic) September 3, 2018